Vulvar Cancer in Ahmedabad

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Vulvar Cancer is a type of cancer which occurs on the outer surface area of female genitalia. Vulvar Cancer in Gujarat commonly forms as a lump on the vulva, which often creates itching. This type of cancer can occur at any age, but most common in older adults.

Symptoms of Vulvar cancer

  Itching which doesn't go away
  Pain and tenderness
  Bleeding, but which is not related to menstruation
  Skin changes, such as color changes or thickening
  A lump, warts like bumps or an open sore (ulcer)

Surgery to remove Vulvar Cancer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Following techniques are used to treat Vulvar cancer in Ahmedabad includes:

  Removing cancer and a margin of healthy tissue (excision)

This procedure also calls wide local excision or radical excision, it includes removal of cancerous with a small amount of normal tissue, which surrounds cancer affected area. Surgeon keeps the margin of healthy tissue so that all cancerous cells would remove.

  More extensive surgery

In this more extensive surgery procedure, the surgeon removes part of the vulva (partial vulvectomy) or entire vulva; including the underlying tissue, it is a suitable option for larger affected parts for cancer. Your doctor may combine radiation therapy and chemotherapy, to shrink the tumor before surgery, which will lead to extensive operation.

  Surgery for Lymph node removal

Vulvar cancer may spread to the lymph nodes in the groin, so your doctor may remove these lymph nodes at the time of your cancer surgery, the situation of cancer will decide that how many lymph will be removed, a few or many lymph nodes. In some of the situations; surgeons may use a technique which gives benefits by removing fewer lymph nodes called sentinel lymph node biopsy, in this procedure the surgeon first identifies the lymph node where cancer chances are higher to spread, the surgeon then removes the lymph node for testing, if there is no cancer in that lymph node, so there are many chances that cancer cells have spread to other lymph nodes. Both, radiation therapy or chemotherapy is good option for cancer treatment; it shrinks the tumor before surgery.

Vulvar Cancer in Gujarat

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