Uterine Cancer in Ahmedabad

uterine cancer in ahmedabad, gujarat - dr. bhavna parikh

Uterine Cancer starts in the uterus, which is the pear-shaped organ found in the women's pelvis, where the child develops while a woman is pregnant. Although the risk of being diagnosed with uterine cancer in ahmedabad grows with the age (after the menopause), all women are at risk from it.

Uterine Cancer (Cancer of the womb or endometrial cancer) is common cancer which affects a woman’s reproductive system. Uterine Cancer in Gujarat is found more common in those women who have crossed menopause.

Symptoms of Uterine cancer

  Unusual vaginal bleeding
  Abnormal bleeding after menopause
  If you have not yet been through menopause, abnormal bleeding may include heavy periods or bleeding between your periods.

Treatment of Uterine Cancer in Gujarat

The most common treatment for Endometrial Cancer Specialist, Uterine cancer in Ahmedabad is the surgical removal of the womb, which is call hysterectomy.
A hysterectomy can treat womb cancer in its early stages, but you will not be able to get pregnant but if cancer had spread further; the uterus cancer surgery may include removal of ovaries and fallopian tubes. In some of the cases, radiotherapy or chemotherapy are also helpful, a type of hormone therapy may be useful if you have not been through the menopause and would like to have children.

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